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NORVELL Sunless Spray Tanning

**Please read instructions below before making your Norvell Spray Tan appointment.**

Single Spray Tan Sessions

 Full Body Spray  $30
 Legs OnlySpray              $15
 Face Only Spray  $5
 Upper Body Spray  $20
 Double Dip  $40
 Competition Spray  $60

Spray Tanning Packages

 Full Body Package   3 for $75
 Legs Only Package   3 for $35
 Face Only Package   3 for $12
 Upper Body Package   3 for $50
 Double Dip   3 for $100
 Competition Spray   3 for $150


The Spray Tan Experience

The spray tan application takes 5-10 minutes.  For an individual session, the whole appointment will take no more than 15-20 minutes, unless an Double Dip or Competition Tan is applied.

Once you arrive for your appointment, a consultation will be done in order to decide the proper solution percentage to be used on the skin. Everyone’s tan will look different depending on your natural skin tone. How well you tan in the sun will depend on how well your skin will respond to the sunless tanning solution. Light to fair skin that tends to burn in the sun may show less color than someone with olive to medium skin. Once a solution percentage has been decided, the application will be applied. Please remember to avoid white or light colored undergarments due to the bronzer, although the solution should come out in the wash. The technician will provide after care instructions to insure the longevity of your new, just off the beach tan!


Before Your Spray Tan:

For best results, make sure to exfoliate your entire body 2 days prior to your spray tanning session.  Please stay away from exfoliates containing oils (they can leave an oily residue/barrier). You should wax or shave 24 hours PRIOR to your appointment as well as wait 24 hours AFTER your session before doing so again.  For ultimate results,  shower immediately before coming to your appointment. Do not use any body lotion, deodorant or make-up before your spray tan. Clean, dry skin is a must to achieve maximum results.



Avoid white or light colored undergarments or swimwear.  The tanning solution should come out in the wash but I wouldn’t take the chance.  Avoid wearing jeans or anything tight to your appointment. Friction caused by rubbing on the skin can alter the results by removing the product when not fully dry. Loose clothing works best for desired results.


After Care of Your New Spray Tan:

To ensure the life of your tan, avoid ALL contact with water (including sweating) for the first 24 hours after your spray.  Once you do shower (24 hours after application), apply an approved moisturizer for the first week. This is essential to enhance the longevity of the tan. Avoid using all exfoliates and harsh loofahs, etc.


Continue wearing loose clothing and dark colors (NO JEANS or fitted shoes) for the first 24 hours.  Avoid light colored clothing until you have showered.  The bronzers can still transfer to your clothing before your initial shower.  While it should wash out of most fabrics, please note that nylon, silk, spandex and wool tend to absorb the bronzer more readily so avoid these fabrics. 


The beautiful bronzed glow you have been waiting for takes a full 24 hours to completely develop. Be patient, you will love the results! Your new spray tan should last 7 to 10 days depending on your before and after care! Following all the before and after care instructions will help extend the life of your new tan!


**Sunscreen should still be applied when in the sun!

**Your spray tan is not like having a base color! You will still burn in the sun!


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